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Wallets in 2 sizes, Travel Purse or what some like to call a Casino Bag
Large Travel that converts to a Backpack, a wristlet and a Coin Purse. 

Wallets:  I make 2 wallet sizes.  They have detachable strap that adjusts up to 60 inches.  They have three outside zip pockets.  Zip top.  Credit card enclosure.    Medium: 8.5" wide by 6.5" deep.   Large 8x7 with a 1.5" bottom. 
Sunshine medium wallet both sides Rescue Me large wallet

Travel Purse/Casino Bag: This is a little bag that is approx. 8x8.  It has two outside zip pockets a zip top and adjustable strap.  I've been told it is the perfect bag to take to a Casino!  They are: 7.5" by 8".  These sell for $24.


Large Travel that converts to a backpack   The strap is an adjustable 72" strap that has a hook on the side and loop on the bottom of the bag that lets it be converted to a backpack.

Large Travel DrawingLarge Travel
Large Travel

Wristlet:    These are approx. 5.5x8.  This little bag comes with a wristlet.  I include a clear plastic credit card holder.


Credit Card Cases: I started making these credit card cases for friends. They were so popular they became a staple in my booth at craft shows.
They are 2 3/4 x 4 inches. They can hold from one to 5 or 6 cards at a time. I carry 4 in mine all the time. I admit I have a friend who stuffs about 20 cards in hers. But I do have to replace hers periodically!
They make great sleeves for giving a gift card.
I've sold many of them for people to keep their train or bus cards seperate.


Credit card cases