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Asymmetrical Collage Totes

medium asymmetrical

I make my Asymmetrical Collage totes in 2 sizes.  Medium (pictured) is approx.  9 (short end) x14 with a 5" bottom.  The large is 10 (short end) x 18 with a 6" bottom.  I have themes for each bag.  Usually it starts with finding a cool old picture I like or a saying that stricks me.  Some of the themes I'm currently making are:

The base of the bag is a pair of jeans.  I then collage images, vintage fabrics and sayings onto the base pieces.  They have 4 pockets on each side.  2 that zip, 2 that are open. The top zips at an angle.  The angled shape makes this a really comfortable bag to carry.  It wraps your body when you wear it cross body. There is a 60" adjustable 2" strap.  These sell for $95 for medium and $105 for large.  Please email me at oldbagzz@gmail.com and I can send you pictures of what I currently have made.