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Traditional Purses

All of my totes have fabric handles that are polypro webbing  All the fabrics will have some sort of coordinating print.   The interior of each bag is fully line.  I put two interior pockets on each side of the bag.  All styles have a zip closure.  All sizes have exterior pockets. 

Traditional Totes


The Barbara Bag -- I get many requests for a little bag that is what I would call a "purse".  This is a bag that is carried with a short handle.  It doesn't slip over the shoulder.  I struggle with this style because I don't really like to carry it myself, but I know it is popular.  In 2008 I lost a dear friend named Barbara Meserve to Lung cancer.  She was such a wonderful lady, so full of life.  She was a big supporter of my work and a great source of encouragement to me.  As soon as I finished this little purse, I knew that Barbara would have loved it.  She really liked my smaller shapes.  So in honor of Barbara Meserve -- the Barbara bag was born.  As with all my styles, customer wants and needs influence changes I make in the shapes.  The Barbara Bag now has a 32" adjustable strap so it can be worn cross body.  It has 3 zip and 3 open pockets that are asymetrical around the outside.  This is pefect for those larger phones, glasses or a check book.   The bag is approx. 7x11 with a 4" bottom.  It is a deceptively roomy little bag.


Barbara Bag

Barbara's Available on Etsy

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Red Dog Barbara  Barbara Scatter Joy Barbara Sassy Barbara Gypsy Brown Dog Barbara Wonder Woman Barbara Well Behaved Barbara

The Day Bag.  This is my newest shape.   It is approx. 14" wide by 12" tall with a 5" bottom.  The strap is 2" polypro webbing or 2" reclaimed seatbelt webbing.  The strap adjusts from 36" long to 72".  The exterior of the bag has at least 8 pockets. 4 that zip, 4 that are open.  Zip closure.  The bag can be worn as a backpack.  I've added 2 grab handles centered on either side of the bag as well.  (not pictured)  The interior is pocketed as well. 

Day Bags
Day Bags Available on Etsy

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Alice Day Bag Eleanor Day Bag Black Floral Day Bag Gypsy Day Bag Wonder Woman Day Bag

The Commuter.  This is my largest of the traditional size bags.  It is approx. 16 wide by 14" high. It has a 6" bottom.  This also has a 2" polypro or reclaimed seatbelt strap that adjusts from 36 inches to 72 inches.  Zip closure.  The exterior has at least 8 pockets; 4 that zip, 4 that are open.  The lining also has 4 zipped pockets. I've added 2 grab handles centered on either side of the bag as well.  (not pictured)  This is the perfect bag to carry a small laptop.


Tablet.  This is a flat bag.  It is approximate 11x13.  It has a back outside zip pocket, zip top, pocketed lining, adjustable strap. The front of the bag has 8 pockets.  4 that zip and 4 that are open.  Perfect to carry a water bottle.    These sell for $70.  I also make this bag in a recycled suit version.  That style features the suit pocket  as well as a zipped outside pocket on each side.  These are $70-$90 depending on the fabric they are made from.   I recently redesigned this shape so that it can hold the average size tablet in a case.


Email me at oldbagzz@gmail.com for available bags