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Original Fabrics

I started designing fabrics a couple of years ago.  My first was based on the saying "Well Behaved Women Seldom Make History."  Lauren Ulrich.  I did a little servey on my personal Facebook page asking my friends whose image should go with that saying.

This is the  image I came up with.  I've recently updated the graphic.  I made an art piece from an image of Ruth Bader Ginsburg and added that to this fabric.

Well Behaved Fabric Sample

I was printing this myself with  a heat press which worked great until I discovered a company called Spoonflower.   They will print your graphics on different fabrics.  It opened a whole new world for me!

Agree Fabric Sample


Alice Fabric Sample



Bear and Moose
Bear and Moose fabric Sample



Big Foot

Big Foot FABRIC Sample


Loon fabric Sample

Cat 1
Cat 1

Cat 2

Gray Cat Fabric Sample

Dogs - Brown

Brown Dog Fabric Sample

Dogs - Colorful

Colorful Dog Fabric Sample


Eleanor Fabric Sample

Farm Chicks
Farm Chick fabric Sample
Flag fabric sample
Friends Fabric Sample
Gypsy fabric sample
Horses Brown
Brown Horse Fabric sample
Horses Green
Green Horse Fabric Sample
I Prefer Girls

I prefer girls fabric sample

Motorcycle - Black and White

Motorcycle BW fabric Sample
Motorcycle Pinups
Motorcycle Color Fabric Sample
Ouija Fabric Sample
Rescue Me
Every bag I sell made from this fabric, I donate a $1 to rotating rescue groups, animal shelters & humane societies.

Rescue Me Fabric Sample
Persisted Fabric Sample


Santa Fabric Sample

Sarcasm I

Sarcasm I fabric sample

Sarcasm II

Sarcasm II Fabric sample


Sassy Fabric Sample

Scatter Joy
Scatter Joy Fabric Sample

Sci Fi

Sci Fi Fabric Sample


Wander Fabric Sample

Wine fabric sample

Wonder Woman

WW fabric sample

All of these above designs I use in most of the style bags I sell.  I designed them in Photoshop and manipulate the patterns so that when I print them they are the shape of the piece for that specific bag.  That way the images appear on the bag in the correct possition.  Anyone who sews knows the frustration of cutting out a pattern piece and later realizing you've chopped off the head of a creature or a beautiful flower you wanted featured isn't in that spot. 

My next foray into fabric design is making overall pattern fabric.  Just yardage with my images repeated.  I have several of those so far.  This is so fun and rewarding.
Dragonfly in 3 colors
Dragonfly purpleDragonfly greenDragonfly Cream

Vintage Butterfly
Vintage butterfly
Black Barkcloth
Black barkcloth
Retro Circles
retro circles
Black cottage Roses
Cottage roses on black
Vintage Cactus Postcards
Vintage cactus postcards
Riding Cowboys
Riding Cowboys